Intermittent (oral) Rybelsus / Semaglutide use in healthy individuals?

Interesting news on GLP-1 receptor agonists:


When I started back up, I went 1/2 the full dosage to start back (20mg). I did not start at the minimal dosage and ramp up. Since I did not have any big side effects (other than fatigue), and my body was used to the medication, I thought that was the best course of action for me. This protocol worked fine.


Diabetes and weight loss juggernaut Novo Nordisk has presented data from a phase 3 trial that show an oral version of its obesity drug Wegovy performs comparably to its original injected therapy.

In the study, patients who received a 50 mg daily dose of the treatment lost an average of 15.1% of their weight over 68 weeks, compared with a 2.4% average weight loss for those on placebo. The trial, dubbed OASIS I, enrolled 667 adults with one or more comorbidities and an average starting weight of 105.4 kilograms (232 pounds).

“The choice between a daily tablet or weekly injection for obesity has the potential to offer patients and healthcare providers the opportunity to choose which suits individual treatment preferences,” Martin Holst Lange, the company’s executive vice president of development, said in the company’s release.

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Are people not concerned about the warning of potential cancer on ozempic and rybelsus? Is there good reason to dismiss it?

Nope. The cancers are primary genetic in nature

Can you point me to a source for that?

Read it in this article on lean mass and fat loss when using glp1 agonists

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