Intermittent (oral) Rybelsus / Semaglutide use in healthy individuals?

Just got the results back from my recent LifeExtension “Male Panel” that I also did in June last year before I started semaglutide. I’ve had many of these component tests at various points throughout the year but it’s nice to be able to compare the exact same battery of tests using the same lab.

Several high points -
fasting glucose from 104 mg/dL to 83 mg/dL
A1C from 5.3% to 4.9%,
hsCRP from 1.36 mg/L to .45 mg/L
uric acid from 7.6 mg/dL to 5.4 mg/dL
insulin from 20.5 uIU/mL to 15.9 uIU/mL.

Homocysteine is up a bit, from 9.6 umol/L to 11.4 umol/L.

Given the amount of abdominal fat that I lost, I was surprised that my estradiol has increased somewhat, from 20.4 pg/mL to 27.6 pg/mL.

Another interesting note - Being overweight/obese is a well-known risk factor for Vitamin D deficiency. For as long as I’ve been testing my Vitamin D (about 4 years), it’s been a struggle to keep it above 30 ng/mL, even with relatively high dose supplementation (50,000 IU once weekly). Last summer’s test showed 31.5 ng/mL. Without any supplementation, I’m now at 34.7 ng/mL.

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Has anyone tried this online pharmacy ?

is oral just as cost-effective as injection?

Can you just pill-splitter it for weak appetite suppressant effects?

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" Liraglutide Activates mTORC1 Signaling and AMPA Receptors in Rat Hippocampal…

The aim of the present study was to determine whether treatment with liraglutide, a glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, would alter mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) signaling and/or…"

What about this study SHC posted in a previous post. Is no one concerned about potential mTOR-activation/interactions with Rapamycin?


It seems like it would be relatively easy to manage the dosing schedule of rapamycin and liraglutide… at least if taking both on a weekly schedule.

In pharmacokinetic studies, liraglutide exhibits its maximum concentration after 8 to 12 hours, and its half-life is 13 hours after a single injection. Source: Liraglutide (Victoza) - PMC

So - perhaps, assuming a weekly dose, take liraglutide on day 4 or 5 after taking rapammycin - when the rapamycin / mTOR inhibition has largely receeded, and then have 2+ days after dosing liraglutide before the next rapamycin dose?

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Thanks Rapadmin, that sounds like a reasonable approach. Admittedly this is the first time I’m looking into this topic at all, so I’m quite uninformed. I also don’t know at all how the side-effects/safety profile/accessibility of Liraglutide compares to that of other GLP-1 receptor agonists.
However with regard to Semaglutide, SHC commented that the half-life “seems to be as long as a week”. I have not looked into any studies concerning the potential effects of other GLP-1 receptor agonists than Liraglutide on mTOR signaling. But if they may also activate mTOR, using Semglutide in combination with Rapa as was suggested in this thread, may potentially result in some undesired interactions? At least it may be something to look into a bit more before jumping on that bandwagon?

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Me either - definitely something we should look into prior to taking the drug if we are thinking of using it. And your other points also are good. I haven’t researched this drug (or class of drugs) but have heard all the amazing results that the medical press is reporting, and the studies of great results for lowering weight relatively easily and substantially.

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