Intermittent (oral) Rybelsus / Semaglutide use in healthy individuals?

Are you measuring the effect on your insulin levels?

I’d love something that could help me easier achieve a bit more CR / CRON… but I’d be hesitant to take something that is boosting my insulin levels

I don’t know if it has already been mentioned, but Novo Nordisk (the developer) has three ongoing phase 3 trials of semaglutide for Alzheimer’s disease (results expected in 2025 and 2026): NCT05891496, NCT04777396, and NCT04777409. They have 2,000 patients enrolled with sites all over the world (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Latam, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and Israel), so I assume it’s not just a research study to “see” but they probably hope to extend semaglutide’s market authorization for Alzheimer’s…


I created this prediction market: Will Ozempic / semaglutide be FDA-approved for Alzheimer's before 2030? | Manifold

Knowing what the market “thinks” about these issues is useful. Usually more accurate than “experts” or the media. (I also created this one, for instance: Disease-modifying treatment for Parkinson's | Metaculus ).


Is the PushHealth consult via video? I’m asking because I am not clinically obese but also curious about semaglutide.

I would like to try semaglutide as a non-obese person. Can I contact you?

Are you still taking Sema intermittently Amy?

What are your thoughts on that it increases insulin levels (and in a continuous, not just post randial as in the normal insulin cycle).

I understand it can be valuable for weight (and if combined with good exercise for body composition), but am wondering if it perhaps it not good with contact GLP-1 modification for longevity?

No. PushHealth is via text only. I recommend getting oral Semaglutide from India. Just as effective if you take in a completely empty stomach with very litttle water for 30 minutes

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Thanks for the suggestions. Is there are particular pharmacy in India you recommend?

I am not taking it currently. And, when I was it was only once a month (ish) in very low dose. I did check my insulin during that time and it didn’t increase.

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I just ordered some Rybelsus (oral semaglutide 7mg and 14mg tablets), which hopefully should be here in a few weeks. Will be interesting to see if it cuts my appetite and has any effect on body fat loss given the lower potency vs injectable semaglutide. I’ll post my results here.

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