Insomnia Side Effect

Although insomnia isn’t a common side effect, it is the only one I experience. I have been taking Rapamycin for about six months, and if I take more than 3 mg/week, I suffer horrible insomnia. I’m wired and don’t sleep a wink. The duration of the side effect depends on the dose, but if I take 5 mg/ week I’m wrecked for 3-4 days. I’m ok at 2 mg/ 10 days.

Is there a hypothesis as to why Rapamycin would cause insomnia?

I do get the “euphoria fatigue” with 2 mg/10 days, but any more and I’m wired like a madman (madwoman). Since lack of sleep is supposedly associated with dementia it is concerning,



AIUI autophagy interferes with circadian proteins. I take 6mg about monthlyish. I am pleased if i get some insomnia as i see that as a symptom of autophagy. I had a really bad night on saturday night and think that was autophagy.

When do you take it? What time of day? I’ve had the same experience when I take it in the afternoon of evening - but since then I’ve learned to only take rapamycin in the morning. It can be very stimulating for some people.

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I had terrible insomnia on 4 mg/week, taken in the morning. I’ve switched to a daily dose of 1 mg, 5 to 7 days a week (still tinkering).