Injecting exosomes?

I recently ran across a Dr. promoting injecting exosomes and she claimed she felt like a million dollars afterwards and that many in the longevity community do this.

Does anyone have more information about this? I have heard about it in passing before, but I don’t know much about it.

It seems like it is for pain and inflammation. I have no pain yet and my inflammation is quite low, so it may not be useful for me?


It’s something to explore further. I don’t have inflammation and related pains yet, but my mother, 90, could potentially benefit from the procedure. The info provided in the attached flyer is a little vague and limited, e.g.

Q. Is This a Safe Treatment?

A. No long-term negative side effects have ever been reported with this treatment.

(What about short-term negative side effects?)

Q. Where Do Exosomes Come From?
A. Exosomes are taken from MSC or Mesenchymal stem cells.
(What’s the source of MSCs?).

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I have had exosome injections twice: the first one about 4 years ago, into my left knee, which I was trying to save from a knee replacement .
I had already had PRP treatment, which was minimally helpful, and then my own stem cells mixed with my PRP. I had more relief with that, but still a painful knee. Then I had exosomes, from a placental line that had been tested for all manner of diseases. It didn’t seem to do much, but over about a 6 month period, my knee improved–to the point where the orthopedist said " you don’t need a knee replacement "
I had a second exosome treatment IV 2 years ago prior to going on a rigorous Icelandic horseback riding tour for general aches and pains–I believe it helped, but the effects wear off. Also, with all these biologic treatments, it is very important NOT to take i buprofen or other NSAIDs either before or after, as they really inhibit healing, I am having some issues with rapa now, after 16 months of use, and am considering a break–may look into exosomes again in the meantime.