Inflammation Oriented BioClock

This seems like something rapamycin would likely impact in a significant way…

The company website:


A review FWIW;

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Exactly - more and more aging researchers are focusing on the damage of continuous low-level inflammation in older persons. Nice article.

On that site was this too!
3 Things Causing INFLAMMATION In Your Body & How To PREVENT IT | Mark Hyman Silent inflammation in the body!

TLDL, but what are those 3 things?

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Hahaha… here is a summary. 1. Problems in the gut micro-biome… crap or unhealthy diet. Where most immunities are held… the food you eat.
2. Insulin resistance from too much starch and sugar diet. Resistant to the effects of insulin… so it makes more and more belly fat adipose cytokines - systemic inflammation. 3. Chronic Stress… emotional inflammatory response…

There they are.


I’ll add three more causes: 1. getting old with an overactive mTOR pathway, causing cellular geroconversion and SASP. 2. not enough sleep 3. various diseases, from diabetes to asthma to covid

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