Inexpensive smart watch's


I have mentioned before that I purchased the inexpensive {less than $60.00] “smart watch” .

Purchase an E400 and E500

I ordered{11-12-2022] another one, a EP01{this was $31.00]

All where purchased through AliExpress.

The software on all is the same “H Band”, very basic data collection.

They all measures Blood Glucose Sugar and other basic parameter, BP, tempature, pluse, HRV, sleep, blood O², steps and ECG.

In my view all well worth the cost for the data they collects.

Now if Nutrisense or Levels would allow/incorporate there software to used any of these watches, you would have a outstanding reasonable cost system to collect personal data.


Have you checked to see how accurate it is, by comparing it to finger prick blood glucose measures?


Surprised that they measure BG and BP! Apple Watch is much more expensive and it doesn’t measure BG or BP.

I bought a cheap fitness watch from Amazon on a daily special for $~39. I doesn’t measure BG but surprisingly it measures BP quite accurately. I don’t know how. It also measures everything else you mentioned. Measures many more things than my much more expensive Polar fitness watch and has a extraordinary battery life.
It is however bigger and slightly clunkier than my Polar watch.
It is truly amazing how cheap technology is getting.

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Yeah, I might do that for $30. I borrowed my son’s for a couple weeks and ran with it and the HR is way high when you get over 100. Some of the other features were a little wonky too. And they’re heavy. Hard to cram all that stuff in such a small package.

Having said that, it was nice and I got no instruction with it either so I might go for it. Thanks Joseph

The blood glucose is measured using raman spectroscopy.

The watch’s have several micro sensors.

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As several companies are attempting to market a blood glucose “watch”{for $$$$$].

A Chinese company beat them to sell to the public.


I bought one of these cheap watches from china for 50 us$. Mostly because I was curious about the information it could provide.

The watch even had ECG. I did not compare the quality of the ECG with a proper ECG. But it shows what the future will bring to the public. (The watch broke after 6 months).

The oximeter did ok.

BP was a bit away from the real figures. When the watch was compared to standard BP equipment then systole was a bit off to the lower side and diastole was a bit high.

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