Improving sleep with technology

Here’s another cool thing (that I want right now, please, thanks …)

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are linking the lack of sleep with much more serious memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

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I experimented with something akin to this a few years ago, trying to both track my sleep metrics and improve sleep.

It’s a wearable device. Once it learns your sleep pattern, it delivers a programmed wave to try and improve sleep at different phases of sleep.

Amazing data on NREM/REM phases via iPhone app, but didn’t do much to improve sleep. Used it to monitor various sleep interventions. I think there is something there, but more research.

I purchased the Dreem, but i know a guy at the company and he talked about the pink noise “stimulations” that were supposed to increase sleep efficiency, deeper longer REM but for some FDA reason they pulled that feature out of the US products and only had it in the European version… So i sent it back and looked at buying the European version… But then they killed the consumer version entirely.

How long did you use it for?

Interesting. Maybe a year or so. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear. I hope some of these companies keep working in this space, they might discover some hacking pathways.

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I wonder what percentage of people actually go to bed and get up at the same time every day. I’m thinking not many. At least, not on their days off.

I do, fwiw. This has everything to do with having a period in which I had trouble with insomnia & so started doing the things people say would help. [And it does, though also not getting stressed out helps a lot.]