I'm now at 10 mg per week of rapamycin. Stopping there for a year

Thanks to everyone here who has offered advice and feedback, I really appreciate it!

I started rapamycin three months ago, and I’m now up to a 10 mg dose once per week. I’m going to maintain that level for a year (mainly because the medication I have comes in packs of ten one-milligram pills, and it seems like a good place to stop).

I’ve had no noticable out-of-the-ordinary effects from the rapamycin (good or bad).

I say “out-of-the-ordinary” because over the last three months, I’ve had occurrences of things like fatigue, high energy levels, catching a cold, muscle soreness, etcetera . . . but all of that was stuff that I experienced just as much BEFORE taking rapamycin, as well.

I’ve definitely gotten stronger and am lifting heavier weight in the gym, but I suspect that has more to do with a higher dose of creatine (5 grams daily) that I started taking a few months ago.

I’ve had none of the classic rapamycin side-effects mentioned by many people here (mouth sores, etctera).

I’ll use this thread to update everyone on my observations as I continue at 10 mg over the next year. As some of you may have noticed, I can be pretty cynical about placebo, so I’ll be careful not to attribute any effects to rapamycin unless it’s beyond a reasonable doubt.

Just for the heck of it, I’ll recap my biological info in this post, and will add my current supplement stack as well.

I’m a male, caucasian, 45 years old, 6’2", 190 pounds. My blood pressure and heart rate have always been slightly higher than the average person for my entire adult life. Weight training, light cardio and extensive stretching five days per week. Perfect dental health (never had a cavity). Never had a serious illness, never broken a bone and never been hospitalized for anything. I don’t eat much until dinnertime on weekdays, and do a 24-hour fast every Saturday.

Daily Supplements:

Creatine: 5 grams
Glycine: 2000 mg
L-Carnosine: 1000 mg
Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate: 1300 mg
Omega-3: 360 mg
Selenium: 200 mcg
Vitamin E: 20 mg
Vitamin D3: 50 mcg
Lithium Orotate: 5 mg
L-Theanine: 200 mg
Aspirin: 81 mg
Melatonin: 10 mg
Tadalafil: 5 mg
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 oz
Centrum for Men


So you take 15 supplements (counting mvi as one), you exercise and eat well. And you likely get exposed to all the crap life throws at us. How will you know if something is due to the Rapa? This is a serious question. At this point I can only assume some things are due to my taking Rapa.


It’s a good question! I’m just not experiencing anything at all that I wasn’t experiencing before starting rapamycin . . . so I’m not sure how to answer.

I also suspect that most of the supplements in my stack aren’t doing much for me. They’re the ones that seem to have the best data behind them, so I take them just in case.