I'm going to donate blood, take rapamycin afterwards or wait?

I’m going to donate blood, I have never done so before. I normally take rapamycin Thursday’s (today), should I take rapamycin afterwards or wait until next week?

Concerned about RBC impact between blood loss and Rapamycin regeneration dampening?

If it’s your first time, wouldn’t concern myself with any possible iron/anemia Rapamycin impact unless you are clinically close to anemia?

How else are you thinking about this?

I assume the donation center has no qualms you taking Rapamycin as a reason for preventing donation?

You’re only dumping 450mL, I wouldn’t be concerned about a rapamcyin dose.

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I’m almost too high (10 don’t know the units properly mmol/l)

Didn’t tell as my last dose (6mg) was 2 weeks ago .

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You’re only dumping 450mL, I wouldn’t be concerned about a rapamcyin dose

I almost fainted during the donation but I actually feel fine now, no weakness or tiredness.

All psychological I believe. I too was queasy early days…also almost fainted years ago 1st donation.

Dump that iron!

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Blood donations definitely help to extend the life span from what I have read. I like to donate as often as possible, but I am not sure where to put it in my top ten list of life extenders.

“Overall, nearly 60% of blood donations come from people over 40 — and nearly 45% come from people older than 50, according to the AABB”. USA Today

The only thing I worry about is that someday they will tell me I am too old to donate.
Some countries like Germany have an upper age limit. Germany 68 years old.

Oddly: Adverse donor reactions in repeat donors decreased with age and were lower than in the whole group (0.26%), even in donors older than 71 years (0.16%). However, from the age of 68 years, the time to complete recovery after donor reactions increased.


Wait, didn’t you say you’re a doctor AND a dentist? How did you get through med school with blood apprehension? Or was it the sight of the horse needle going into YOUR arm?

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Come to Canada…ferro-tourism. We desperately need donations and no upper age limit

“The minimum age to donate is 17. There is no upper age limit for donating in Canada.”

And 1 $USD = 0.78 $CAD.

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I’m fine with other people’s blood, even my own, just not with mine. :stuck_out_tongue: