If you eat 3500 calories of fat calories in a day, what determines what percent of it you'll poop out?

Does the body upregulate gallbladder enzymes upon increased fat consumption (if it’s repeated, for example?)

I ate 500g of roasted peanuts 2 days ago and feel like bad over it. It has happened before, but like, I do wonder how much I’ll absorb

Most I have ever done is 2x400g of crème fraiche for a total of 2500 kcal / say, that gets absorbed almost completely

Or do the bacteria in the gut have a feast day? :smiley: How could one determine how much is absorbed & by what?

If your stool floats it contains a lot of fat (steatorrhea)

That is not why poop floats. Stop the low carb dogma.

That’s not low carb dogma but part of the standard curriculum in med school