Idea for an experiment involving DNA resilience in worms

I have had an idea for an experiment involving DNA resilience in worms.

What I propose is that some worms are bred in such a way so as to select for the maximum ability possible to repair DNA in order to achieve the slowest rate possible of permanent nuclear, epigenetic and mitochondrial DNA degradation. (Ideally this would mean that eventually worms are created whose DNA is always 100% repairable so that there is no permanent degradation whatsoever.)

I also propose that the worms are exposed to somewhat higher than background levels of alpha, beta and gamma radiation in order to provide a more challenging environment for DNA resilliance.

I would be very grateful for any thoughts about this idea.

I obviously do not have either the expertise or resources to do this experiment myself. Nor do I have the ear of anyone who does.

Does anyone here have the ear of someone who would be able do this experiment. If yes then I would be very grateful indeed if you could pass this idea on to them.

Thank you very much.