I Want to be a Rapamycin Doctor

I am a physician in NJ, with a keen interest in anti-aging medicine. To that end, I would like to make a part of my neurology practice dedicated to aging medicine. I have been researching this for the past 2 years, and feel that I am ready to start.

If you would take a look at the website that I am working on, and give me some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. I am most interested in what you think of my pricing, as well as the website itself. Any criticism will be appreciated. I don’t want you to feel that this is an advertisement. I feel that this group can give me the best feedback.

Scott Weaner, D.O.



Thank you for posting. I thought the text was much too large. I got a feeling of sensationalism rather than a serious physician site. Cost seemed reasonable, though it wasnt clear what I get for it. Overall, I think it needs a good bit of work yet before it would impress me as a credible resource.


Thanks for posting. I agree with the other post. Text too large. I used two browsers and text did not fit on screen. Also, the moving images were not necessary…took away the seriousness of the website. I think your cost is reasonable. Would be happy to talk directly if you want more detailed feedback.

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I have made some adjustments to the website. Let me know if they help. I truly appreciate the help.

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Is the monthly charge of $65 required of all patients? If so, seems very excessive.

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Nothing is decided yet, but as I will not be charging insurance, this takes the place of payment for each visit. This comes out to $2.14/day.

What are your suggestions? I am open to any idea.

How many visits do you think are necessary per year? I just started a few months ago after an initial doctor visit & prescription but don’t have a strong feel yet on what degree of medical attention is needed. I’m thinking that I’ll probably get a blood test every 6 months or so & certainly consult a rapa based doctor if I see anything concerning. Lots of unknowns & am curious to hear your thoughts.

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Hi Scott, welcome to the site and thanks for posting. Great to have more doctors interested in prescribing rapamycin…

I recommend you use Wordpress and a nice modern medical theme for your website. You seem to be hacking it together by hand - and thats an old, and difficult process.

Check out the other doctor’s websites that we have listed. I think these ones are reasonably good:




Here are some medical themes for wordpress:

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Also, my wife mentioned that it doesn’t open well on the ipad.

I am using Wix. I will certainly take a look at those examples, thanks!

Any thoughts about my planned pricing strategy?

I would anticipate 3-4 visits per year. That will depend upon age and other medical conditions. Labs typically 2-3 times per year, depending upon the meds prescribed and co-morbidities.


Just one quick recommendation – I wouldn’t start off your intro by saying “I am obsessed”. I think the word “obsessed” has negative connotations for most people, and when you’re already doing something cutting-edge like opening a rapamycin practice, the last thing you want to do is give any fuel to the impression of being “crazy”, if that makes any sense? Maybe a better word than “obsessed” would be “focused”, for instance?


or replace obsessed with “I’m passionate”


Just commenting on price. I’m using a ND out of AZ who’s state regs allow him to prescribe to remote patients, never in person. Costs are: $120/ half hour session, or $240 for an hour. I’ll guess between 3 to 6 sessions / year, some 1/2 hr, maybe 2 full hour.

There’s lots of examples of Dr/clinics going Concierge at $70++ / mo.

Just me, I’d prefer the fixed payment per time segment, 1/2hr or 1 hr vs a monthly all you can eat model. IMHO I think the charge per time slot makes more sense for the Dr/clinic’s resource management too. If I where a Concierge practicioner on a monthly program, the phycology is for patients to use your service more often then is beneficial to the patient and eat a lot of the practitioner’s time.

Best to all, curt


A naturopath is prescribing your rapamycin? Seems kinda antithetical to his philosophy, doesn’t it? :grin: Good for him for being open-minded!

Hi David8r, I was only commenting re the OPers question re his website and fee structure. My NP is just handling BHRT (bio idendical hormone replacement, another leg in the anti aging stool) and cleaning of parasites (molds). I think if we surveyed the participants in the Raad/LEF anti aging conferences many are ND vs MDs. Same for the inflamation, metabolic etc conferences. Just more interest from the non-MD practicioners.

This may not be the forum, since its focused on rapa primarily, but there’s an over arching need to package up a step by step process to find and screen (qualify) a Younging (anti-aging) practitioner. IMHO its not as simple as reading their website. My wife and I are way way past taking credentials and websites on face value. We ask, what annual conference do you go to as a observer? Speaker? Books written? IMHO our practicioners have to PROVE they are continuously learning, stretching, writing, experimenting before we’ll risk our time and bodies and potential lost opportunity. IMHO the money is the least at risk. We would get on an airplane to go to the best of the best and we feel that represents great value. We aren’t the typical nickle and dime patients and I advocate for everyone to ponder if their practicioners are at least in the top percent in helping you achieve optimum health? No then what are you doing? Yes thank God for rapa news and other sites!!!

Way too many clock puncher, box checking, practicioners in all avenues of practice in our view. That said I understand the STD of care trap, paying for insurance, taking insurance and office rent etc, it is tough.


Excellent thought. I went with passionate!


glad you liked my suggestion.

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Geaux Tigers!!!

Geaux Tigers! Glad to have a fellow LSU Tiger posting on Rapamycin News!