Hypoglycemia and low sugar

Has any one experienced this ?? Does Rapamycin make you have lower blood sugar to the point of hypoglycemia

Yes. I experienced it when I was taking too much Metformin (1 g) daily.

The past 2 nights I have had 2 episodes I’m not taking metformin

What are you taking or doing that might cause this?

The quickest solution is to eat some sugar. If it is hypoglycemia it will clear up in about 15 minutes. I try to eat some nuts around the time I feel hypoglycemia setting in which is usually around 4 pm.

Can you give more color and context?

The only thing new/ different in my life is the rapa, which I started maybe 4 weeks ago. I have had random issues like this in my life prior but it has been a long time and it happened when I was like in a situation where for some odd reason I was late with a meal or something - something had to set it off. This time - both times- were out of the blue.

thats around the time for me too- but why ? is it the Rapa?

It hit me hard Friday set off Im guessing because I had to fast for my labs/ bloodwork. However this is not the norm for me. I ate some oatmeal after the labs were done. Felt fine then I guess I crashed a bit later and was ravenous and shaky hot sweaty clammy I had to eat and eat and felt I needed protein then semi- the same the next day still felt shaky a bit and off some how

do nuts have sugar? I seemed to need protein

I like to eat nuts and that seemed to have enough sugar or carbohydrates to prevent the hypoglycemia. Also cutting down on my Metformin helped as well. At 500 mg I sometimes still have hypoglycemic events on occasion at around 4 pm when I am coming home from work. I tend to eat breakfast at 6 am and lunch around 12 noon. I need a light snack at around 3 pm to avoid hypoglycemia.

so do you think the Rapa causes this ?

It’s possible. I didn’t have this problem before Rapa. Rapa can mess with your blood sugar, so it is a possibility. However, it’s easily handled by a handful of almonds. :slight_smile:

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Yes agreed! I was just trying to put 2 and 2 together here

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Rapamycin is more likely to cause a slight increase in blood sugar.
I didn’t see, maybe I missed it, any objective evidence you had hypoglycemia? Are you wearing a CGM that showed a level that was less than 60 mg/dL where you might have symptoms or have a glucometer showing this?

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Taking or doing ? I’m taking rapamycin started several weeks ago

My neighbor was at my home when it occurred the first time - her husband is a diabetic and she Brough t over his meter my sugar was either 62 or 65 I cannot remember the exact number- the next day it sort if happened again but not as severe.

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and my symptoms were shaky light headed feeling hot sweaty very unwell senstations

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Well pretty unusual, my fasting sugar is usually in high 50’s or low 60’s and I have no symptoms, and workout with those levels (actually as soon as I start working out, my glucose pops up. You might want to get a CGM and see what is happening. Some people will have symptoms in the 60’s, but not usually if their glucose is usually in normal range. If you are diabetic and your blood glucose is usually 200, yes, we see some symptoms in those levels. This has been my experience after 25+ years working in the ER and primary care settings. Along with that, everyone is different … .but a CGM for 14 days might be helpful.


this is all good information Dr Thank you - I hated the whole episode and willl do any thing to make sure it doesn’t happen again- also - labs were done Friday so my dr will see too - I hope it was a fluke

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