Hypercapnic hypoxia for longevity

I have a daily practice where I exhale, hold my breath, and try to walk as many steps as I can. I repeat this five times, generally in the morning because it really triggers the sympathetic nervous system. I have an oximeter and have pushed my blood oxygen down into the high 70s this way.

I started this to improve my breathing for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but have recently read studies that it also increases longevity. Here’s one where hypercapnic hypoxia increased mouse lifespan by 16%. Anyone else playing with this?


That looks really interesting. I dont know how to access the study, though, only the abstracts.

I’m tempted to ask how they got the mice to hold their breath, but I wont. Since I have an oximeter I’d like to try this if I can find strong enough incentive to do so. Is anyone else doing this?

To get all but the research papers published in the past year, go to Sci-hub.se and search on the pubmed ID, or the DOI number.

For example - the DOI number on the paper mentioned in the previous post is:

Plug that into the Sci-hub.se website

and you get the paper here: