Hunger and Rapamycin

Anybody else get absurdly hungry when starting rapamycin? Not sure if I am hungry for protein or carbs (or fats), likely all three. I started with 4mg and was crazy hungry and somewhat fatigued initially, and so two weeks later I went down to 2mg. I likely have extensive mitochondrial damage due to levofloxacin and probably oxidized cellular components as well. Other than that, my sleep has been great and felt fantastic a few days after the first dose.


Yes, I get extremely hungry from weekly rapamycin dosing which is why I switched over to less regular but higher doses which I take during a cut or fast.

Thats really Interesting. I’ve not noticed the hunger aspect at all - but I do notice that my sleep is fantastic on rapamycin. deep and restful like I had when I was a teen ager, and truly do feel fantastic.

Can you share your fitness level (are you a regular exerciser)?


Oddly enough I have identified autophagy as something that disrupts sleep and have noticed a little disruption on the night after taking Rapamycin.

I do think, however, that properly functioning cells result in better sleep. The last period between doses was 28 days, but I got drunk in the evening when I took Rapamycin in the morning so my sleep was affected by the alcohol.

My sleep has substantially improved over the past few years, but it is difficult to identify only one reason for that.

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Yes, I’m the same. Very hungry om rapa day for everything and anything.


I don’t feel hungry on rapamycin and my sleep is very good, almost 9 h every night.


Yes I also get more hungry than usual when on Rapamycin.


So I was extremely fit 4 years ago when I took levofloxacin and from that developed major exercise intolerance and muscle issues. Fortunately, I have recovered majorly, I am at a pretty good fitness level and do exercise regularly (strength training 2-3x/week, zone 2 cardio 2-3x/week, and play basketball competitively, some decently difficult hiking) but I wouldn’t say I am at an elite level now. I hope to continue to recover and regain an elite fitness level.

I did many cycles of a mitophagy protocol (using NMN or Urolithin A) to improve mitochondrial health, which was exhausting on the day I took the mitophagy/mitochondrial fission supplement. The first dose of rapamycin kind of reminded me of that feeling, but less intense.


After about 6 months of 10 mg of rapamycin (3 mg + grapefruit) I had some episodes of very hungry the next day, but these disappeared, at that time I also took other supplements.

Could you share with us the list of supplements you consume?


Fish oil, magnesium, vitamins B complex and D. Occasionally take CoQ10 and carnitine.

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The only supplement we share is magnesium.

How does the grapefruit juice affect rapamycin? I’m looking at pairing them.

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I think I need to start acarbose. This time around when I took my rapamycin my appetite was through the roof.


Same here, super hungry on Rapa day.


I’ve just started rapamycin on 6mg a week. I’ve not noticed any increased in hunger. My sleep hasn’t changed. However my blood pressure has decreased to 120/78 since starting.