Humanity Health. Rate of Aging App

I’m not sure if this has been posted yet so apologies if I’m repeating this. But I found this app a few months back. I’m not using it at the moment. But they’ve just added a blood aging BETA where you can add your blood results. Apparently they’ve teamed up with the UK Biobank and are using it as a basis to measure aging rates. They don’t specify which aging clock they’re using.

If I wasn’t so sick of paying a subscription for everything in life I might sign up and try this. This is definitely the kind of thing I’m looking for to help me keep track of my numbers.

Let me know your thoughts and if anyone has any experience with it.


This looks interesting. Too good to be true is my first thought. But I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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They seem legitimate. But I think it’s still very early. I l would definitely love something like this.

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So, no blood markers are included yet. No dna / methylation assessment yet. For now it’s a connect to your apple health to interpret your “age” based on movement and metrics you collect and put into apple health (my Oura ring, my BP, etc), and some advice for healthy lifestyle. I’m not paying until there is more to it.


So I got invited to their blood marker beta test. It might be widely available yet.


@Paul_2.0 I also was invited to participate (if I pay)…any update on your experience?

I decided not to go ahead with it. I’m tired of everything being a subscription service. I’m just going to keep tracking my own progress. It’s a fabulous idea though.

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Yes. I completely understand the feeling.