How to send payment to India from US

I’ve tried XE and Wise (Transfer) to pay NIBA Health without any luck. I got booted from XE, because their mobile app failed and I kept trying. Once I upgraded the app, I was able to proceed, but by then I’d raised flags and they cancelled my account as it looked like I was money laundering. Are there any other successful money transfer options? Thanks!

There is always the tried and true bank wire transfer. When I first started I would just go to my bank, fill out the form and have them do the wire transfer (saying its for purchase of health products from india", and the cost was $45 US. My bank also allows me to do wire transfers via the online web portal (this is Wells Fargo).

Strange. I have used XE twice to pay NIBA. I have also used Remitly which I think is better, but is a little more of a hastle IMO because you have to set up their app.

I had similar problem with XE. Although I needed to have phone conversation with support, transfer went via Remitly to NIBA – and received Siro about 2 weeks later.

With Wise did you transfer USD or INR? The account that’s linked to his email is INR so if you choose USD it will fail.

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Thanks all, I successfully used Remitly! Processed almost immediately!

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I have had success with Revolut

Here are links to all the payment transfer companies mentioned in this thread:

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