How to increase low bone density?

Does work?

I would start by having a healthy BMI. What’s yours atm?


There is apparently evidence that weight bearing exercise (e.g. running) helps.
There is a series on Curiosity Stream titled The Body, which includes an episode on bones (& fat) that talks about the balance between osteoclasts & osteoblasts & bone health & the like. Curiosity Stream - Keys to Overcoming Modern Day Diseases. It claims that bones are more important for health than just keeping us standing up straight.

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can’t remember the study but high g-forces work extraordinarily well.
Jumping off a bench a few times per day or trampoline bouncing were tested


Here’s one, in teenage boys:

The main findings of the present study were that a high-impact jumping intervention can (1) induce significant improvements in TBLH BMC, leg BMC and bone stiffness in athletes engaged in the non-osteogenic sports, swimming and cycling, but not in the osteogenic sport, football;
The effect of a high-impact jumping intervention on bone mass, bone stiffness and fitness parameters in adolescent athletes - PMC

It rather suggests that jumping helps if that is all one does, but any high impact exercise works.
FWIW, there is evidence (according to a video from Brad Stanfield) that aerobic exercise helps maintain NAD+ levels in tissue.
Myself, I do some jumping, but one study I saw was talking about jumping for 1/2 hour, which is also aerobic, but I couldn’t see doing it myself. Jogging is much easier, so I hope it’s enough.

Have you even tried exercise and Vitamin D3/k2 first? My BMD is through the roof at 57 yo…high daily exerciser (running/resistance) + high intake VitD.


You also need collagen + vitamin C to build bones.

And weight training is a must.

Drugs will not fix your osteoporosis because you’re not given your body the energy, raw materials, and stimulus that it needs to build bones. Drugs cannot make bones out of nothing.

You’re only in your 30s and you’re supposed to have the highest bone density now. If you already have osteoporosis now, what’s going to happen when you’re in your 50s and beyond? Bone density continues to decline over time.


This person leaves some important details from his description, but he makes an interesting point: The Hidden Truth About Bone Density - The Myth of Osteoporosis - YouTube

His point is that bisphosphates inhibit osteoclasts from breaking down bone. He seems to be saying that bones add minerals as long as they are around, so the dexa scan gives a higher reading. However, the kicker is that more minerals can make bone brittle & more likely to break.

I haven’t checked his claim, but it’s worth considering before taking drugs.

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I’ve been using a weighted vest at 10% of my body weight for about 3 years after reading it could benefit bones and muscles.

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I think barbell deadlifts do more for bone density and spinal health than any other activity when done correctly. When done poorly the injury risk is a concern. A major reason for deadlift phobia is that many gyms do not have the correct equipment for learning the deadlift. A typical barbell is 45 lbs, and the lightest full size weight plates are another 45 lbs each for a minimum weight of 135 lbs. 135 is too heavy for an untrained person who is just learning the movement. Some gyms have lightweight training bars, and slim bumper plates weighing only 5 to 10 lbs each. Learning the deadlift with only 35 lbs and increasing the load gradually is a much better approach. A good strength coach is worth the money. I have had back pain for most of my life due to a disk injury at L5. Since my retirement two years ago I have finally had time to eat, sleep, and train. My back pain is now negligible.

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Icariin has been shown in human trials to reverse osteoporosis.
Boron is another mineral that may help bone growth.

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