How to increase low bone density?

Does work?

I would start by having a healthy BMI. What’s yours atm?


There is apparently evidence that weight bearing exercise (e.g. running) helps.
There is a series on Curiosity Stream titled The Body, which includes an episode on bones (& fat) that talks about the balance between osteoclasts & osteoblasts & bone health & the like. Curiosity Stream - Keys to Overcoming Modern Day Diseases. It claims that bones are more important for health than just keeping us standing up straight.

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can’t remember the study but high g-forces work extraordinarily well.
Jumping off a bench a few times per day or trampoline bouncing were tested

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Here’s one, in teenage boys:

The main findings of the present study were that a high-impact jumping intervention can (1) induce significant improvements in TBLH BMC, leg BMC and bone stiffness in athletes engaged in the non-osteogenic sports, swimming and cycling, but not in the osteogenic sport, football;
The effect of a high-impact jumping intervention on bone mass, bone stiffness and fitness parameters in adolescent athletes - PMC

It rather suggests that jumping helps if that is all one does, but any high impact exercise works.
FWIW, there is evidence (according to a video from Brad Stanfield) that aerobic exercise helps maintain NAD+ levels in tissue.
Myself, I do some jumping, but one study I saw was talking about jumping for 1/2 hour, which is also aerobic, but I couldn’t see doing it myself. Jogging is much easier, so I hope it’s enough.

GDF11 promotes osteogenesis as opposed to MSTN, and follistatin, a MSTN/GDF11 inhibitor, increases muscle mass but weakens bone

Just learned of teriparatide!! How can I get a Rx for my low bone density?

Have you even tried exercise and Vitamin D3/k2 first? My BMD is through the roof at 57 yo…high daily exerciser (running/resistance) + high intake VitD.

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