How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

Hi Thorin yes - you’re level is zero right now. There isn’t a food that will put Rapamycin in you - other than the pill or powder - so you are at zero…

More important, to get an approximate amount of Rapamycin in your blood/system take your rapamycin 2 to 3 hours before your blood draw appointment. Then you can take another test in a week to see what is your trough.

I just have my physician’s nurse draw blood and send to LabCorp whenever i want to know my Rapamycin level. A standard test due to so many people using as an organ rejection preventative drug. So here is my test in the morning - my trough - low point after a week. Then I took my 6 mg rapamycin with a cup grape fruit juice and had blood drawn again and tested 2.5 hours later.


Thank you. I deleted my post because I figured out the answer to the first part on my own. I made a dumb mistake.

But you answered the second part of my post, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you!

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Thorin – A good use of your testing money - would be getting a baseline biological age - before you take Rapamycin to see how close it is to your chronological age. GlycanAge or TruMe (DNA Methylation). PEARL Clinical Study on Rapamycin in Human subjects is using GlycanAge.

You might not see or feel the benefits of Rapamycin at 50 - but those test could show how your body repaired and the gained age benefit. Especially is you get pushed back to the biology of someone 40 years. Just a recommendation.

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Thank you for this advice. I think this is wise. I have signed up for GlycanAge a minute ago. I guess the test will arrive in a week or so.

I also ordered some Sirolimus 1mg (brand: Siroboom) from Kachhela Medex Pvt LTD via Wise (price: $135 for 360 mg +$50 shipping to the US). But I have some questions about them as a supplier just from the email interaction.

I plan to order Rapacan Biocon from Oddway ($432 for 360 mg plus $30 shipping) as well in a few days, but I need to get Bitcoin sorted out first.

Assuming they both deliver, I’ll have to decide which to take. I am not sure how to do that.

GlycanAge gave me a referral code. It would give the next guy 15% off and also gives me something “As a thank you for each purchase using your referral code, we’ll give you a 15% discount to use on your next purchase.”

Before purchasing I used the search function on this site to search for a discount code. I did not find one here so I used Google and searched for “discount code GlycanAge” and found one.

My thought here is this site should have a referral code. Probably linked to Rap Admin’s account or something. So the folks providing all this awesome information can get at least something out of it. So I am not sharing my referral code but I do suggest someone who does more for this community does so.

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The best way to decide on the medication supplier quality is via a lab test. Some people have done them and we have a sample here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

But - that company (Valisure) is no longer doing consumer-submitted drug testing (they are focusing on their tested product pharmacy business). So you’d need to find a good and inexpensive lab to test for purity and any possible contaminants. Its a hassle for sure.

Another simpler (but not as good) approach is to just see how each of the drugs works in your body - take the medications, and then do a blood / sirolimus level test an hour after you’ve consumed the drug, and compare results. This addresses the bioavailability issue of each of the tablets - but doesn’t address any possible quality / contaminant risk issue.

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Thorin wrote GlycanAge gave me a referral code.

I am glad you are considering this biological test.
It must have a good record as the PEARL clinical trial is using this in their evaluation as a baseline biological age… and evidence of change post dosing regimen.

Some heavy hitters in research supporting the trial including Dr. Mikhail Blogsklonny.

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Btw, when I went in the price was $43.50 (they gave the wrong price quote originally).

Sorry, I did ask someone but she did not know which lab, and it was rather busy in there to try asking around.

I’m guessing they do have the blood test there but you need medical authorization.

Here I never even need a prescription in the pharmacy (though there is no rapa here).

Understood. If someone wants to do the work to find a lab that will test samples, I’d be happy to chip in some funding.

I do plan to check my levels after I’ve been on the medicine for a while. As you pointed out, this will tell me something about the concentration & bioavailability of rapamycin, but nothing about possible contaminants.

I received the lab report. It has the lab name:

SELAFA CERBA - 7/11 rue de l’Equerre - Parc d’activités “Les Béthunes” - 95310 Saint Ouen l’Aumône - France - REGISTRATION N°95.9 -Tel : 33 1 34 40 20 20 - FAX : 33 1 34 40 21 29


My blood test was taken 3-4 hours after ingesting 6mg of Rapamycin from Varun on Indamart:

15.5 ng/ml

So it looks like my product from Varun is legit.

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Varun is who you purchased from, correct? What is the name of the generic you bought?

Thank you very much, James!
On another note: the Rapa I spent >$250 on with Varun never arrived for me.

Do you have any idea what happened? Did customs/border agents stop it for some reason? What country were you having it shipped to?

Sorry, I should have clarified it was seized by customs. The Rapa I ordered with another Indian pharmacy did come through though.

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Just curious… how many tablets were in the order that got seized vs. number in the other order that came through? Were they both the same sized order? Did only the smaller order get through?

Both orders were around 90mg of Sirolimus total. I should say Varun tried to send the item twice - both times it was seized by customs. My impression thus is that they may not have the most ‘effective’ method of sending Rapa without getting it seized.

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Which country do you live in Sash where the customs seized your orders? I had to use a courier to get around that myself.


Agetron- I’ve seen pictures of your rapamycin pills but didn’t look really close. I know they’re triangular shaped. Do you use Pfizer?

My pharmacy Accredo sends the pills to me (3 months worth at a time - 90 total) – recently they changed to Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory which has been used in various clinical trials. It said it on the label. Same marking RD-54. So bascially same as Pfizer’s Rapamune 2 Mg Tabs