How much should I wait before getting back to grappling?

So I plan to start taking rapamycin at 6 mg every other week. Given my age (35), relatively healthy body composure (still waiting for blood work results to come back), and my side hobby of grappling (being VERY prone to staph infections), I don’t think any dosage above that would make sense (nor would a weekly dosage). I plan to take it on Saturdays every two weeks; given the looong half-life I am a little concerned given that I grapple at least 5 days in a given week, and assuming I take rapa the on Saturday, the max break would be coming back on Monday (48 hours). What would you do in my shoes?

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I’m a rock climber, so at first I thought you were talking about using a grappling hook to climb mountains… which to be honest seemed strange… so I looked it up:


Many people start at a lower level, and I think that’s advisable, given the many possible side effects at 6mg. It’s no rush: just start at 1mg, up to 2mg after a couple of rounds, etc. If you get to 6mg safely in 3 - 6 months, you’ll have lost almost nothing while avoiding some risks.


I had no idea about the dosage response and kinda thought 5mg was the minimum effective dose. I will start with 1mg.

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I’m not sure the infection risk works like that – certainly we don’t have evidence to answer the question. For what it’s worth I train a few times a week, and never have had bacterial problems before or after starting rapa.


Are you training BJJ?

There is a significant overlap between the two activities, at least in my observations :slight_smile:

Yes, Brazilian brand gi and no gi.