How many calories do SGLT2 inhibitors make you pee out?

Like just peeing out 30 units of glucose is not that many calories given how few carbs you need to pump up a diabetic’s glucose levels by that much (but then the cells might release more intracellular glucose into the bloodstream if they sense low glucose?)

I thought Peter Attia mentioned in passing that it was a few hundred cal per day, although it would be highly dependent on carb quantity ingested and I believe glycemic index as well.

How long do they last in the blood/how long do they act for?

You really should install the epocrates app. Canagliflozin has half-life of 10-13 hours, so it reaches a steady state with repeated once daily dosing and works 24/7.

By lowering your Glucose using SGLT2 inhibitors or others you are lowering the inflammation in your body which is main contributor to plaque build up throughout the body. High glucose also packs on the fat which is unhealthy and contributes to insultin resistence. To lower weigh, you can use Metformin which lowers glucose levels in Liver, Acarbose which works immediately in the gut, SGLT2 inhibitors which sends a good % of glucose into your urine. I have taken all 3 and my appetite is also decreased thus have lost 10 kg. weight. Currently 71", 165 lbs.

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Are some of the SGLT2 inhibitors more effective than the others?

Also at what dose is the effect highest? Like, I’m taking 100mg canagliflozin - don’t some people take 300mg and is the effect higher at 300mg?

I’ve tried cana 100mg and empagliflozin 12.5 as well as 25. If you look at the studies in the package insert (full prescribing info) there are really diminishing returns from the higher doses vs lower dose. It seems a waste of money to take the higher dose except possibly for a raging diabetic who is doing everything he can to get every point of glucose down. That’s my take on it, anyway.