How low BG is needed to induce ketosis,and what dose requried to get out? Also, can you use SGLT2 inhibitors to stay in ketosis even if you eat beans?

Like, SGLT2 inhibitors allow you to eat (some) beans with a minimal increase in blood glucose - if it doesn’t increase above 70-75, will you stay in ketosis?

I believe that the using sglt-2 should be similar to eating very low GI food (e.g. like a superstarch). So if you’re fat adapted and burning ketones, that should still be your primary source of energy and you should remain in ketosis. Unless of course you’re taking low dose SGLT-2 and eating a lot of carbs.

You could always check your ketone levels to answer this. But it would be kind of odd if blood glucose is not changing AND ketones go down — that’d mean having access to less energy after eating than before. So I’d believe that if you’re already in ketosis, you’d stay in ketosis.


I also believe you’d stay in ketosis with moderate carbs, and how many grams to get out is highly individual, depending on fat adaption, pancreatic health, insulin resistance, and other factors that determine your body’s efficient use of carbs.

During fat adaption, lower ketone levels might also indicate less build-up of plasma ketones but still high production, as the body might use them more heavily, increasing their “flow rate.” In this case, you could develop some benign insulin resistance and have slightly higher blood glucose.