How long to space out amino acids?

I’m aware that amino acids compete for absorption but I didn’t consider the possibility they interfere with each other even after that. How would that work?

I ask because I see people here typically space them out as much as they possibly can, taking glynac in the morning and taurine at night for example.

I take both during the same time of day, but spaced an hour and a half apart. I take glynac, then after 90 minutes I take taurine. Would they still interfere with each other this way?

I believe you need to space GLYNAC and Taurine about 4 hours apart for maximum effects.

Caffeine also interferes with both Glycine and Taurine absorption but Taurine and Coffee are still synergistic and should be taken together. It’s a bit confusing. You can Google the amino pairs for the research.

The NAC in GLYNAC interferes with Glucosamine so they shouldn’t be taken at the same time. Hope that helps.

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I start my day with 8 - 10 gr taurin, an expresso and approx 2,5 gr of NAC. In the evening I take collagen + extra glycine + 2,5 gr NAC. It works very well for me. Hopefully I get some synergies.

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