How long does it take for NAD+ levels to build up after NAD+ supplementation?

(I once got tested after several days of extra-heavy supplementation and my NAD+ levels were still low)

FWIW Sinclair says here that 1g NMN doubles NAD after 2 weeks:

Note he dedicates over 20 minutes to NAD precursors and only 2 to Rapamycin :roll_eyes:

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What about Niagen vs NMN?

At least he admitted that rapamycin almost certainly will prove to extend lifespan in humans…

Thats more of a religious debate at this stage of the research.

Neither compound has shown life extension capability in mice (repeated in multiple labs - NR failed in the ITP studies, though david Sinclair does claim it with NMN in his latest podcast.

It doens’t increase LS, but there’s evidence for healthspan and for energy levels, and I have chronic fatigue issues so I’d like to know anyways

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The problem with measuring NAD levels is where? Apparently you can increase plasma levels with a precursor like NR or NMN but there is no evidence that the increase also happens in the cells of the body.
Another approach i have been following is reducing CD38, which is blamed for destroying NAD+.

To do that you need to fin a source of Apigenin

I’ve been using in New Zealand

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I do feel a boost after taking 1g of NMN.

For now I will keep taking it, even though I’m acutely aware of the discussion about its effects or lack thereof.

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