How long after stopping Rapamycin should I re-test bloods?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering how long it takes for blood levels to return to normal after stopping Rapamycin?

I had elevated cholesterol and insulin, as well as other less than promising biomarkers.

Advice is greatly appreciated


I’ve seen studies that indicate that the half life of the drug is (depending on race, age, sex, etc.) between 62 hours and 80+ hours. So the graph for the sirolimus blood levels looks roughly like this:

Below 1ng/ml is generally considered a very low level, or negligible levels.

A related question you didn’t ask is how quickly cholesterol / insulin levels return to baseline after the sirolimus has left your blood stream, and I’m not sure what the answer is to that question. I’m thinking perhaps a good time to test might be 2 or 3 weeks after stopping rapamycin just to be sure, but I have not seen any data supporting this so its just a guess.

More reading and research papers relevant to this can be found here: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?