How "light-sensitive" proteins are being used to fuel scientific discovery | 25 - Brandon Berry

This is a particularly interesting video as it links the mitochondrial membrane potential to aging. A lower MMP implies an older cell. There clearly is a link between MMP (ΔΨM) and the export of citrate (or moreso the swapping of citrate for malate) I wonder if there is also a link to Alpha KetoGlutarate or Glutamine export. I intend reading up on this.


I have started reading up on this. It is really quite complex, but there clearly is a link between the citrate malate shuttle and MMP (it may be that the operation of citrate malate exchange maintains the MMP in part). I am also going to have a good look at SLC25A11 which is the alphaketoglutarate malate antiporter.

Let us know if we need to do more than increase citrate intake.

Obviously we need more efficient mitochondria.