How Exercise Helps Mice Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Not rapamycin, but interesting wrt not dying of cancer. I would guess that proactively exercising (that is, when one is healthy) might help cause one to not get cancer in the first place.

the researchers found that aerobic exercise activated interleukin-15 (IL-15), a cytokine typically released by muscles during exercise, which triggers inflammation to fight pathogens. That activation mobilized a subset of CD8 T cells—immune cells that target and kill cancer cells—that carried an IL-15 receptor, ultimately allowing them to better infiltrate and engage with the tumor. The mice that exercised were found to have more of these CD8 T cells in and around their tumors.

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Exercise mediates ALL the mortality pathways…cancer, CAD, neurodegenerative. By far, my #1 lifestyle intervention.

Exercise unleashes a MYRIAD of protective metabolites that impact every cell. There are likely many we don’t even know about.

This is why it’s important not to flood your system with antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents just before and after exercise. You don’t want to negate the hormesis effects.

Indeed, I take them first thing in the AM, workout late afternoon.