"How does the body know how old it is?"

Excellent article on aging, well worth a slow read:;

“How does the body know how old it is?”

“Our most successful life extension strategies to date merely exploit the body’s response to hardship; this is called hormesis” (Maybe time restricted eating, exercise and occasional fasting?)

“In humans, there are four principal ways in which the body self-destructs with age: cellular senescence, apoptosis, inflammation, and auto-immunity.”

Mentions rapamycin as an auto-immune suppressant

“Aspirin and other NSAIDs are blunt instruments that merely damp the body’s inflammation response, yet they lower the mortality risk of heart disease (Eidelman et al., 2003), stroke (Hass et al., 1989) some cancers (Moysich et al., 2005; Flick et al., 2006), and possibly Alzheimer’s disease (Sven et al., 2003). “Aspirin may be the world’s first anti-aging drug.” In rodent studies, aspirin has increased mean but not maximum lifespan (Strong et al., 2008). Read (Crawford, 2003) for extensive background on the role of inflammation in aging.”