How does rapamycin affect hair/fingernail growth rates?

Does it decrease their rates?

Ugh I noticed I need a haircut today [not so long after my last haircut] and my fingernails are growing fast… [this is despite the rapamycin+ketoconaloze combinations over the past month)

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When I took rapa briefly last year, I noticed that my nails grew slower.

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I have noticed an increased rate of growth in my poorly controlled, poorly observed, n of 1 study.


I’ve heard Peter Attia say that he noticed his finger nails grew more slowly when he’s on rapamycin. I haven’t noticed much difference. It would seem that slower cell growth and turnover would likely reduce the rate of growth, but perhaps dose and timing dependent?

A paper on the topic (broadly speaking):

Source: Nail Changes With Chemotherapeutic Agents and Targeted Therapies

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