How does one get to 10 ng/ml or 42ppm rapamycin in a human?

just wondering

I’m 45kg btw

I take it you’re asking this because of Randy’ Strong’s presentation where he mentions that human blood levels of effective treatment with rapamycin (for longevity) were in the 5ng/ml to 25ng/ml range.

The dosing of 42ppm is the parts of rapamycin per million parts of mouse chow. not a measure we typically use when we look at human dosing of 1mg tablets of rapamycin. So - stick with the blood measures as the measurable outcome, and vary your dose and do blood testing to see results.

He was a little unclear in terms of when exactly that was measured - but in the mice tests, since they were dosing as part of the chow, it would have been a steady state level, vs. in humans with a weekly dosing protocol where you have much larger peaks and valleys…

I think the answer of what doses produce what blood levels is that it depends - on personal variables like weight, age, ethnicity, etc… The way to test is via the blood sirolimus level tests, done over a few cycles, perhaps done mid-way through the week?

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Why are the much larger peaks and valleys more important than a “steady state level”? Surely, the effects of rapamycin are not linear with dosage. Ideally one would want alternative anti-aging protection even during the valleys.

There are quite a few things that have beneficial and negative effects. The beneficial effects at times last longer than the negative effects hence cycling has merit. Similarly the body has cycles that it is best to reinforce rather than undermine.

I, however, think Rapamycin is something to use really quite infrequently. I have only taken it once so far and do intend to take it again, but have not decided when.

How tall are you? You would need to be under 156cm (5’1) not to be underweight on the BMI scale… and therefore at high risk of osteoporosis.

But to newer your question, @MAC is achieving this though IM injections.

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How do you know the positive effects last longer even when the blood levels of rapa are 0 for quite some time?

@AlexKChen are you concerned that as an under weight young adult you will be frail in old age?

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No, by then it’ll be very easy to get follistatin/Teriparatide

You’ve seen the data on falls in the elderly right? Really frightening to think how little muscle mass you have and you’re not even 40.

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