How do you start your day to improve your longevity?

One of my favorite threads on this site has been the "Can you share your Longevity / Healthspan Regime? It has taken time to evolve because it can be labor intensive to list all of the things you are doing, but the conversations created have been invaluable to me and appears many others on the site. Having such experienced and resourceful members is what creates the magic!

To narrow the focus, it would be great to hear how people start their day or their morning routine. In my case, setting my day up for success is one of the foundation of my Healthspan improvements and possibly Longevity. If you have time, I would love to hear what you are doing now, considering in the future and even what you have stopped for what ever reason. Below is what I am current doing:)

Awake almost everyday 530 - 6 am. (Average about 71/2 - 8 hours of sleep)

Checking my weight and body fat% - this is just after voiding

Brushing my teeth - some suggestion of this helping protect against food/ coffee acidity damage to enamel vs. brushing after eating.

Glass of water with lemon/ lime or apple cider vinegar

2 cups of coffee - 1st with stevia and half and half / second with stevia, EVO, coconut oil ( blended high speed)

100 push ups - divided by 3-4 sets

Review my WHOOP scores for HRV, RHR, recovery and strain goals

30 second cold shower then allow water to warm into a normal shower

5 miniutes of breath work - usually Fire breathing with breath retention after.

Review 3-5 things I am grateful for.

3 - 4 mornings / week I will start the day with a protein shake with added (frozen) broccoli sprouts, blueberries and avocado. The rest of the mornings I will not eat until lunch

1 x week Rapamycin 6-7mg with shot of EVO / lime or if Rapamycin I have available is getting low then I will take 3 mg at lunch with a grapefruit blended in am and at lunch before the Rapa dose.

I am CONSIDERING redoing the 5 AM CLUB for 66 days (Book written by Robin Sharma that starts day at 5 am with 20min exercise/ 20 minutes mindfulness / 20 minutes of learning) - one of may favorite morning structured programs :slight_smile: Also considering NMN and some gut repair options.

I have stopped lithium, mushroom blends added to coffee and extra supplements for now.


I do a wide range of things at a range of times in the day and night. For some of these there is really solid personal evidence (although N=1 and no placebo) that they work. For others I am not certain they do anything. Then there is the recording process as well.

In bed in the morning (normally around 6am) I will measure my blood pressure and heart rate. Then weight (I don’t do body composition that often). I will measure HRV with Polar H10 combined with Elite and record the HRV from Fitbit (which does it overnight whilst asleep, always a lower figure). I will note these things down and combine a record of my sleep patterns - I started working on sleep and although my sleep has improved I still have problems, and what supplements I took during the night to resolve sleep - and the timings related to when I go back to sleep.

I then get up to ginger then a cup of tea with collagen peptides and a small amount of vanillin and spend 20 minutes breathing a mixture of H2 and O2 gas. The theory of this is that H2 spreads around the body and is avialable to deal with the OH ROS. I do a small amount of resistence training during the day, but the schedule is a bit erratic and I do brisk walking rather than running.

At the moment I am experimenting with LIPUS on part of my scalp to see it it accelerates or decelerates the reversal of balding (which is happening really slowly, but is happening) - it will be interesting to see if 3Mhz LIPUS 10mins has an effect on mitochondrial efficiency. I have not done this for long and so far it appear possible that it might (I am using a particular location and comparing hair growth there to elsewhere).

When I take Rapamycin (which is infrequent) I will tend to take it early in the day.

Once a week I transfer my daily records into a spreadsheet to make it easier to monitor trends. On a daily basis I may vary the inputs with a view to achieving output changes. For instance I am at the moment working on preventing tingling.

I am curious as to why to stop Lithium and what dose you were taking?


@John_Hemming - Thanks for your routine!

I have not heard of the H2 and O2 gas breathing mixture before. I do have a friend that bought a hyperbaric oxygen unit for his house and swears it helps his recovery from a high stress and high travel job.

Let me now how the LIPUS works.

How do you decide when to adjust, add or subtract from what you do based on your spread sheet data?

I started the Lithium because of the many people on this site using in their health / longevity strategies. I started at 5mg and moved up to 15mg daily. I try not to take too many supplements and if I do not see an objective change or subjective change, tend to move on. I do not think my baseline mood was enough to see a change anyway.

I am currentlty in a UK pub and intend to respond to this later.

Later: HBOT stimulates HIF 1 alpha Molecular hydrogen assists with the hydroxyl reactive oxygen specie. (•OH)

It will take a while to assess LIPUS properly but it might improve mitochondria locally. Thats the theory that I wish to test. I expect t will only have surface effects if any.

I look for patterns in my data. Then i try varying inputs to see if changes have consistent effects.

Low dose lithium may not affect mood but may affect the WNT pathway. Low dose is probably best 5mg or under.


Thanks for the detailed response! My favorite part of the response is that you were at a UK pub :slight_smile: I need to get back to Europe for some pub therapy.

Do you take Lithium to inhibit the WNT pathway and to decrease carcinogenesis? I was not familiar with that use.

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Is it better to take Lithium in the morning or at night?

I shouldn’t think it matters that much. I would go for the morning just in case, however.

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