How do you get your dietary choline?

It can reduce homocysteine

I had some chicken livers today. Liver is not something I prefer, but organ meats
are quite high in nutrients like choline.

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From eggs mostly, but I also take a supplement with choline bitartrate, citicholine and alpha GPC

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I would not recommend for anyone under the age of 30 to take any supplements at all (unless the quality of food where they live is very poor). Speaking from my experience I only felt I may have started to age at around 42-45 years old, meaning up to that point I felt same as I did when I was 20. Now I know some people start a bit earlier than that (mid 30’s) but I doubt there is much to gain doing supps for under 30 crowd. Just my two cents.

Eggs for breakfast, every day. Sometimes I take desiccated beef organ supplements, which may also add to my intake of choline.


eggs, liver (lamb/cod/chicken) or liverwurst

Eggs :egg: mostly, no choline supplements.

I take two choline supplements daily that provide me with around 500mg of pure choline. Thanks to that I have zero desire to even look at an egg.

I eat very little choline.
I don’t supplement it either since it makes me a sad boi, which is a commonly reported anecdotal side effect.

I used to supplement and couldn’t see any benefits, so I stopped. still have more than 1/2 of a bottle