How do I increase aromatase? Does 17-alpha-estradiol do it?

Importantly, women show lower reactive oxygen species (ROS) than men due to higher levels of estrogen [69, 72]. This hormone reduces the production of ROS while also being a potent antioxidant and regulator of antioxidant genes [73]. It can also directly activate the hTERT promoter [74] and indirectly affect DNA repair (p53-mediated pathway) [75] as well as activate telomerase through the phosphoinositol-3-kinase⁄Akt [76] and nitric oxide pathways [77]. These mechanisms could result in females having higher telomerase activity. However, since telomerase is generally perceived absent in most somatic adult cells, it is difficult to evaluate how it affects telomere length in different tissues.

Conversely, testosterone does not show antioxidant properties but is associated with increased susceptibility to oxidative stress that may lead to telomere attrition [78]. Importantly, androgens are converted to estrogens in the presence of aromatase [79]. However, even untreated postmenopausal women show slower leukocyte telomere attrition than age-matched men [70]. Thus it seems that estrogen-related control of telomerase activation is crucial but not the only one that contributes to this process. Altogether, a huge diversity of theories and reported results may come from differences in the age of study subjects, small study groups, different cell types subjected to DNA isolation, or different assessment methods. One of the most informative and wide meta-analyses was reported by Gardner et al., who analyzed 36,230 cases and showed that, on average, females had longer telomeres than males

Get fat, seriously… why on earth would any man want to increase aromatase?

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Icariin might have this effect. Also supposedly activates SIRT1.

But personally, I want to have my cake (masculinity) and eat it too (longevity).

Decreasing SN, you want to increase aromatase, get fat. And if you Google around you can find hundreds of guides how to decrease aromatase in men, just do the opposite of what everyone recommends and get yourself feminised