How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?

Also where do you get your taurine for you and your dog?

No stomach issues, 3 daily sounds reasonable to me for 140lb dog fwiw, and I also get taurine from Amazon (Jarrow brand, 1,000mg per capsule)

Do you have any studies that show dosing for humans and dogs in regards to the taurine

I just give my dogs one capsule (1 gram) daily. Human studies generally use 2 or 3 grams/day. Check PubMed for specific studies.

Any reason for the Brand Jarrow instead of Pure encapsulations or thorne?

I trust Jarrow. They pretty much always pass tests for purity and lack of contaminants from and their prices are way better than Pure Encapsulations or Thorne.

sounds good , Ill look into them. Thanks!

Apologies, I’m sure the information is somewhere up thread, but how do you deliver the rapamycin? Crush up the pill in their food?

I just use cheese sticks (left over from my kids) - I just use a small knife and cut a notch in the cheese and push the rapamycin tablet into the cheese. My dog doesn’t really chew these - she takes one bite and then swallows it whole. This approach has worked well for me.


Hello there! I was wondering if I could ask how your cat has been doing on rapamycin? I have a nine year old boy who has been diagnosed with the same condition and given a poor prognosis. He has stage 3/4 renal disease, so I’ve been a bit wary of complications as I saw this was one of the conditions that was prohibited in prospective participants of several feline studies. With thanks and warm wishes :heart:

My 24KG Australian Shepard just turned 3yrs. I’m 66 and have just recently received my first order of Sirolimus and plan to start at 6mg every second week and move up from there. I plan to include my pooch and wonder if starting at 3 yrs old is jumping the gun. Too soon? Thoughts about my plans would be appreciated.

I started my dog at age 3… and its a smaller dog. No problems. Start low dose (e.g. 1mg) and slowly increase to the target dose… This seems to minimize risk of side effects, from what I’ve seen.

How has your dog been? Any other updates?

My dog is doing great on rapamycin. But she’s only 4 years old (and a smallish dog at 24lbs) so I don’t expect her to be aging very quickly anyway. I’m doing this for long term preventative purposes, not for any immediate benefit.