How are your parents/grandparents doing? What are their health issues/longevities/etc? Do you have longevity in the family?

/ages at which they developed (or didn’t develop chronic illnesses) if any

Have you gotten their medical records, or convinced them to try rapa?

My father is 77. He goes to the gym 3X a week for hours at a time. Vegetarian and 160 lbs. He is in great health and takes Rapamycin (2mg + GFJ) weekly. He also takes GLYNAC, Metformin, B-12, D3, Creatine, Taurine, and Pea Protein. He has high ApoB and LDL cholesterol but no other health issues.

My mother is 75. She goes to the gym with a personal trainer 1-2X a week. She is overweight, diabetic, has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. She takes GLYNAC, Metformin, B-12, D3, Taurine, and some other supplements I view as snake oil. She has a sweet tooth and does not watch her diet.

Both of them can get around normally and have normal lives. My grandparents died at ages 76 (pulmonary embolism due to a broken bone(fall)), 78 (prostate cancer), 85 (enlarged heart) and 40 (industrial accident at work). Suppossedly (according to 23andMe data) I have longevity genes. Here’s hoping my parents make it to 100.