High intake of emulsifiers may increase risk of cardiovascular disease


The bad new is, that many foods contain emulsifiers. I checked my fridge that is mostly whole foods, but surprisingly even some yogurt and kefir use emulsifiers :exploding_head:
There are everywhere. A while ago I was trying to get some whey or plant protein without lecithin and this proved virtually impossible.

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Make your own from raw unprocessed milk.

Yes, that dirty word raw milk

I like raw unprocessed milk. I even dare drinking without pasteurizing. The only problem is that making everything takes time and I don’t seem to have all that time. But going to buy food used to be simpler. Now processed food is everywhere and with processing food gets additives it does not need. I bet yogurt with emulsifier doesn’t taste any better, but someone thought it is clever to get rid of teaspoon of whey that seeps out when in fridge for few days.

Is it a gut health thing? This paper thinks emulsifiers are related to metabolic syndrome which is certainly related to CVD.

The odds ratio here are still barely above 1, and it only applies for cellulose, methylcelluose, and mono/diglycerides (not the vast majority of the emulsifiers)

To give the products longer shelf-life, making the products more profitable.