High Dose Rapamycin + MTOR Rebound Experiment

As I am cancer-free, and already have elevated LDL and HBA1C due to Rapa, I am considering doing the following experiment for the next two months to see if a high dose affects me incrementally. I think 1-2 months of higher LDL, TG, or HBA1C won’t hurt me too much considering my levels are still better than the average American.

I am considering taking a 40 mg dose (12 mg + GFJ + EVOO) and 3 weeks later take 10 mg (3 mg + GFJ + EVOO). I will then repeat the same dosing the following month. I will repeat this for two months and then do blood work to see what happens. I will also be taking 10 mg Ezetimibe daily (skipping on GFJ days).

Why would I do this? I would like to try and get a high dose to stimulate autophagy in every organ of my body including the CNS and I would like to know the effect of a high dose on my LDL and HBA1C. I will only do this for 2 months and then re-evaluate the effects after a full checkup and blood work at my hospital.

I am also curious what my new baseline will be after two months of a high dose. I will go back to my normal dosing afterwards and retest 6 months later. I wonder if there will be any noticeable changes.

Any thoughts on how to make this more effective?


How very magnanimous! This would be a very interesting experiment particularly if it was possible to assess any effects on the central nervous system (CNS) / blood brain barrier. Of course, measuring the most interesting areas will be beyond available testing. MK suggests that CNS could only be effected by higher rapa doses. Something most people here are not prepared to try.

I presume you are not using standard medications for CVD, BP, insulin resistance, etc? Would you drop some of your supplement stack for this experiment, to avoid blurring the lines? GFJ is a little volatile as a factor although 3.33 seems reasonable.

I hope that at the very least, you get an extra surge of that enviable “euphoric fatigue”!


I will be taking Metformin (500 mg) Ezetimibe (10 mg), and Finasteride (0.5 mg) daily in addition to my normal supplements. This is because my future testing will also have me taking the same supplements and medications, and I’d like it to be as similar as possible.

I think my supplement stack is pretty set for now. Although I usually think this…

We all have different biologies and so results will vary from individual to individual.

Also, if there are any red flags in the blood work for a large dose like this, they should appear in the blood work.

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Good luck. I went down this path at one point but felt so poorly after the first dose I skipped a dose and then went back to the standard 6mg per 7 days. But rapa never made me feel good. I always feel tired and sore (muscles) 6 hours after dosing lasting for 24 hours. A big dose (6mg x GFJ) made me feel tired for 4 days.

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If the same happens to me, I will probably abort as well. My last dose was 7 mg + GFJ, and I feel fine although not as euphoric as in the past at smaller doses.

However, I have felt that my personal biology is changing due to Rapamycin usage and I am interested in the effects of a very large dose on my health.

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How did you decide on 3 weeks. I have no idea how long to wait between changing supplements.

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I chose 3 weeks based on the half life of Sirolimus. At that dose, after 3 weeks, 40 mg should be just less than 1 mg.

I wanted to take a second lower dose the following week to tamp down any MTOR rebound but still give a chance for all the Rapamycin to clear. So, maybe I should change the second dose to 1-2 mg + GFJ.

@KarlT Thanks for the thought provoking question. :slight_smile:

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I could be wrong but by my calculation, if we attribute Sirolimus with a half-life of 60 hours (conventional wisdom suggests it has a long half-life of between 57-63 hours), then a 40mg dose would be under 1mg in 14 days or 328 hours?

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I was using 63, so that comes out to about 21 days to get to 0.15 mg. It’s not a complete washout, but close enough.