High Dose Rapamycin - Interesting Effect

As some of you know, I had a spot on my hand that would always get inflamed and turn into a rash whenever I took Rapamycin or used @Agetron hair tonic. However, during my last dosing, I took 6 mg +GFJ and the whole spot crusted over and shed off. The skin there is now perfectly fine like the rest of the skin on my hand.

IMHO, It appears that a high dosage of Rapamycin may go through and fix physiological problems like this one. If I had to guess, I would assume I may have had a benign fungal colony in that area that just couldn’t take the high dosage of Rapamycin.

Therefore, a high dosage of Rapamycin may be useful to permanently fix some of our body’s problems and may not have to be constantly repeated for benefit.

Just my observations…


Also I had tried many different types of creams and ointments to make the same spot heal including hydrocortisone and isoconazole and an antifungal cream. Nothing made it go away permanently. Then a few weeks later, the high dose Rapamycin knocked it out.


I have a similar experience for years I felt something was off in one of my eyebrows like there was an infection of a small splinter/foreign object. People even started thinking I had a tic because I was always touching it and I even developed a thin spot there a few months ago, finally a pimple grew there which I could pop and that annoying feeling has gone ever since and my eyebrow and the thin spot finally disappeared.

What I suspect it was that it was a small foreign body granuloma which rapamycin turned into a full granuloma with pus

Foreign body granuloma | DermNet.


I think this sort of thing relates to cells having a greater availability of ROS in the cytosol. That means they can fight invaders to the body directly rather than having to bring in the white blood cells.


Wouldn’t it be great if Rapamycin is somehow doing something similar in our arteries? We all suffer from a process involving inflammation that results in plaques and calcification. We have no means of reversing this. I know–wild speculation, but we can hope.


I have thought that it clears out the veins… and heart. We know it repairs function in left ventricle of mice and dogs.

I am constantly veined out… and despite a heavy saturated fats diet of steak every other day and whole milk every day… for 6 years plus… my Coronary Calcium Scan is zero.

I should have had something. Not complaining. On rapamycin for 2 1/2 years. Also varicose veins almost gone.