Herpes Zoster (shingles) reactivation on rapamycin. Any experience?

Hyperesthesia started 36 hrs ago as tender skin to simple touch along the right L2 dermatome. So essentially herpes zoster (shingles) without the tiny clear vesicles (water blisters), at least yet. Had chicken pox at age 18 yrs. I think the virus might be reactivating. I’m toward the end of the second week of rapamycin at 1 mg per week. 72 yrs old. BMI ~27. Good health. Been vaccinated against Zoster (perhaps the reason for a bit more subclinical, that is, without vesicles).

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I started taking rapamycin about 5 years ago. 5 years prior to that I had shingles. Then about 2 years ago I had the round of two shingles vaccination shots. So far, no issues at all related to shingles either before or after the shots.


What version of vaccine did you have?

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Zostavax, the earlier live (attenuated) virus-based vaccine.

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Shingrix is much more effective, 97% vs. 51%. I recommend to ask a doctor about Shingrix since Shingles probably causes increase risk of dementia.


I have been on Rapamycin 3.5 years when I had the two Shringx (shingles) vaccine… January 2024 and February 2024… two shots total.

I also had RVS, Pneumonia and Flu shot… all together… no reaction or issues.


Have you started antivirals yet?

A recent study showed no relationship.

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No evidence of vesicles. At about 1.5 days, it burned like spilled coffee or bad sunburn. No vesicles the following day but still burning/hypersensitive skin but in a dermatomal pattern. This morning seemed to be a little better. Late this afternoon, definitely improving. Still no vesicles so not going to go thru messaging my doc, picking up a script. So subclinical and improving. Glad I got Zostavax yrs ago. Tomorrow is rapamycin Monday, so I expect I will take my 1mg dose.

My PVC episodes did not appear today but I cheated and took an extra 50mg of flecainide yesterday to boost my blood levels. My blood sugars are running about 8-10 mg/dl higher than normal on a Dexcom G7. That bump in BS level does not seem to diminish over the week.

The totality of evidence suggest there is an association and possibly causation though.

The most recent I saw was a meta analysis.