Hemoglobin decrease and Rapamycin

My hemoglobin went down a lot with 1.5 mg of Rapamycin per week. I would like to increase Rapamycin to 4 mg in the future. Would supplementing with iron be advisable?


only if you feel tired, low iron levels themselves are also associated with longevity but @PDM is the expert on that


Do you mean it became lower than the normal range or is it still within the range? Mine is climbing up every month within tha range.

The lowest for 12 mo was 12.9 and the highest was 14.6. I’m on 4mg/week. Didn’t check iron for a long time.

It became lower. Hemoglobin is now at 10.6, hematocrit at 33.8. I feel great. I am not tired at all.

What was your hemoglobin before and how long in between measurements?

Supplementing with iron is a bad idea unless you have more evidence that low iron is the cause of the low hemoglobin. Get your ferritin level measured, then you’ll see if your iron is too low or not. Anyways I find it very unlikely that your hemoglobin decreased on just 1.5 mg of rapamycin weekly. Note that it could just be normal fluctuation in levels.

Yes lower is generally better for longevity, but not so low that hemoglobin drops.

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Are you of mediterranean ethnicity? If so, have you ever been checked for thalassemia minor trait?
I never had any symptoms but found out by accident through an unrelated blood test that I have the trait. Inherited from my Greek father.

I’ve gone from 5 mg/week to 10 mg every 10 days and hemoglobin has not changed one iota. Probably some other influence

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Hemoglobin and Hematocrit values are very sensitive to hydration status : I used to drink 32 oz water 2 hours before a blood draw to make my veins “pop” (easier to find), but it caused a noticeable drop in Hematocrit and Hemoglobin just below the normal range and my doctor got worried and ran all kinds of tests for blood loss (all negative), until I once forgot to drink the 32oz water before my blood draw and all my values were back in the normal range.