Helping Accelerate Longevity Biotech / Drug Development

I did catch an ARDD Conference presentation last night by Michael Ringel of BCG (I was quite surprised to see a consultant from Boston Consulting Group at a Longevity Biotech conference).

And, he actually had an interesting perspective. His key points is that as an industry we want to get Pharma involved in the market (he didn’t clearly enunciate why exactly we need Pharma, but perhaps he thought it self-evident simply because they have a large channel, and a lot of resources). What I found most interesting was the framework concept he presented which was focused on the idea that there is a reasonably clear pathway that a startup or new drug effort (disease target) must go through to be successful.

What got me thinking was the question of how we (all the consumers here) might be able to help nudge things along at different points of the framework.

I’m still thinking about this… but I’m thinking right now that since we are on the leading edge of the adoption curve for rapamycin, and we want to measure our responses, that we as a group could help in the process of identifying, testing and refining the “Measure Response” around our experiences with rapamycin (and other new drugs as they become available). The entire area of “data-driven endpoints” and “Digital Engpoints”, as well as imaging, and analytics are all areas that many people in our forums are very interested in, and may be able to help in.

Also, of course, we members like @MAC are pushing the envelope in new delivery methods and tissue targets - which could also be valuable in the future when new mTOR inhibitors are launched.

Your thoughts?

Below are some of the slides from the presentation, to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. You can click on the slides to make them larger for easier viewing (sorry for the low quality, I just did some screen captures from the video of the event).


Pharma already has a path developed to accelerate us from where we are to next levels. It is really just a math equation for them - how much can we make? Government can play a role in incentivizing the reward part for Pharma, but usually its the other way around and Pharma teaches the government why their products are important. The presentation is just recognizing the fastest path to research and development then product is through Pharma. A start up biotech company that can show value and then get bought by the big guys is probably the easiest path? Nice topic for discussion!