Help Understanding Blood Results?

My Albumin/Creatine Ratio was inflated due to heavy fasting followed by ninety minutes of heavy cardio two hours prior.

B12 was from supplements (That Ive now discontinued, with deleterious results).

As I understand and what my Doctor has shared everything else is perfectly in line.

Id like to hone in on a few items; Thyroid, APo(B), LP(a).

Edited to include more info!

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Are these your lab test results pre-rapamycin, or after taking it for a while (if so, how long?).

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I actually ordered some Rapa on the advice of @Agetron & @FloridaTom but haven’t started yet.

Longevity tools currently using; Acarbose, Metformin, GLP-1, Canagliflozin, Tretinoin and RLT.


Hey MichGuy12… overall great blood workup report.

You mentioned you lost a significant amount of weight … congrats.

Like FloridaTom who also lost a lot of weight like you and has been on rapamycin since January 2023, you might see tightening of belly skin like him and me. Also, those last stubborn pockets of adipose tissue might get dissolved. Will be a few months to really see benefits. Keep us posted.


What’s this miracle you speak of sir? :slight_smile:


Ive actually seen this elsewhere as well. Since Rapamycin induces autophagy by mimicking calorie restriction it makes sense that Rapamycin induced autophagy would repair loose skin. My boyfriend calls it voodoo.


Exactly. Crepey skin tightened, belly and belly button… tight now. Knee area and backs of hands regained firmness.

Pinch test on back of hands for skin elasticity…returns in seconds… like a 20 to 30 year old.

Surely other are seeing this happen. Yes?

Men’s belly buttons goes to a slit… even great in-shaped guys. Compare.

Average 50 year old.

Me 50 year old

Me 65 years taken just now. Definitely tightens.