Healthy yet delicious vegetable recipes

We all know that vegetables are the key to a long life. Can anyone share their tastiest longevity dishes?

Here’s my favourite salsa:

I do use half the salt called for in the recipe but some may find it too bland.

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It looks delicious but I fear that the bag of tortilla chips that I would scoop it up with would be a considerable offset for me.

Use a spoon instead of tortilla chips.

Yes, that would be possible. Some folks are able to eat pizza without the crust.


Make the base/crust out of cauliflower.

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Yep. That would work. I’d like to find a recipe for cauliflower crackers.

My focus at the moment is experimenting with keto fat bombs. Reducing carbs isnt too hard, but the craving for sweets is still pretty strong! Just got the ingredients for low carb chocolate peanut butter cups. I know I can use allulose…but it would be great if I could get away with adding some trehalose to the recipe.

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I view salsa as a universal condiment. It can go on a lot of things to add a healthy, flavourful taste to something that may not be as interesting. For instance, frozen fish has a taste similar to cardboard. However, add some salsa and the taste improves 500%.

It’s similar to another favourite of mine, low-calorie high spice curry sauce. Broccoli and cauliflower are amazing when dipped into a healthy curry sauce!

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Some interesting ideas for salsa I hadnt thought of. I’m looking forward to dipping it with cauliflower crackers.

Would it be of value to share recipes for consuming supplement powders and extracts or is that off topic? Many of these can be hard to dissolve, or are bitter or just unpleasant tasting. Gotu Kola, for example is bitter but works perfectly in my hot coffee. (Got the idea from Davin8r). I’m currently experimenting with modified citrus pectin powder.

Please share anything related to making it better to consume anything here! :slightly_smiling_face:


This was posted on another thread;

My coffee mix that I made today 07/21/2022

24oz total-20oz coffee{extra caffeine coffee] 4oz of light cream, add 10mg of spermmidin, 20g of trehalose, 10g of D-Ribose, 5g of modified citrus pectin and 15ml of medium chain triglycerides, mix well pouring from container to container. Sometimes I take supplements with this, today I took policosanol 200mg{50mg capsules 4X]

I usually add 10g of collagen powder (tastes like creamer) and 1.5g of glycine (tastes like sugar) to my coffee and it tastes like coffee…

My Coffee is the delivery method for the added supplements.

You dont find that the modified citrus pectin lumps up?

I confirm! This was as tasty a salsa or better than what I’ve had at Mexican restaurants. Delicious!

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Yet another vegetable hack. Veggies love sauces. If you are making spaghetti or pasta with a marinara, pesto or cream sauce, cut up some broccoli and cook it with the pasta and sauce. The veggies will end up tasting just like the pasta except you are eating something a lot healthier. Bon appetit!

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Here is a recipe I have used for easy consumption of trehalose

1 envelope kool aid unsweetened lemonade

1 cup trehalose

½ gallon water

There are 128 tablespoons in a ½ gallon

Each T of trehalose is ~10 grams

So there are 1,280 grams trehalose in ½ gallon (8 cups)

So each cup of lemonade has 1280/8 = 160g of trahalose

So a 1 oz sip is 20 g.
Correction: each cup is 20 g

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“So a 1 oz sip is 20 g”
Shouldn’t this be ‘So 1 cup is 20g’ or ???
There’s still only 1C = 160gr thehalose in the 1/2 gal.

if 1T = 10grams then since 1C = 16T, 1C=160gr; there are 8 cups in 1/2 gal, so each cup contains1/8 of 160 = 20gr
( I was hoping you were correct with the larger number!)

You might be right. Would you do the extrapolation please?

Thanks. I actually use to be pretty good at this kind of stuff. All the more reason to be taking trehalose.