Healthy Lifestyle (alone) gives you 21 to 24 Additional Years

Open Access Paper:


Novick post is titled “Triage Your Health Efforts: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”. Orig from old newsletter but posted around web in 2000s inc:… Cites many published studies & synthesizes data.


It’s incredible & sad how few people get the basic lifestyle choices right, let alone most or all of them. An older unpublished post w/ some other old refs on this subject is f/ Jeff Novick:… w/ the theme of triaging to try to prioritize.

Circ: 5 factors (never smoking, BMI 18.5-25, ≥30min/d exercise, moderate alcohol, healthy diet) vs none → 10-14yr diff life expectancy at 50 (men) or 12-16 (women)

Novick: 3 factors (5 servs fruit/vegetables /day, not smoking, exercise) →
~10yrs diff

  • limit alcohol → ~14yrs

New study: 8 factors (activity, no opioid addiction, no smoking, managing stress, good diet, no binge drinking, good sleep hygiene, and positive social relationships) → 21 years diff (women) or 24 (men)
Noted activity, opioids, & smoking made biggest diff.

Big bump in numbers.

Karl’s full thread:


I don’t want to start an argument….but any clear definition of “good diet”.

Yes, nice thick juicy organic steak, with couple vegies, and some good old wild caught fish with vegies also. A2 milk, and or yogurt in moderation, few cheese bites here and there, and you are all set. Olive oil, and actually i splurge on organic butter every now and then on my steaks (Yummy).
Everything else once in a while (including, McDonald’s, pasta, pizza etc) maybe once a week, or once per couple weeks. Guys no need to torture yourselves thinking you will live forever. I guarantee you that you and I will 1000% drop dead one day. If i can force myself to do some things I already know (no need for the next Sinclair pill) I can easily live (at a healthy state) to 110 years old, and that my friends is plenty.

Not for me, I want to still be crushing skulls at 90.

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Yes, go vegetarian and shun alcohol. Not always and forever but no more than once a month.

agreed, but i knew it all along.

I thought alcohol was vegan :smile:

Alcohol does a number on you, system-wide damage. It would be better to be a carnivore who doesn’t drink than a vegan who drinks.

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