Healthy Aging: New Longevity Center Opens in Sheba, Isreal

This is the future…

Singapore was the first state-sponsored longevity center… and now Isreal.
Singapore Longevity Center: Centre for Healthy Longevity - NUHS COE | NUHS Centres of Excellence
News on Singapore LC:

And there is an international group working on this: International Longevity Centre Global Alliance | Members

Sheba’s Healthy Longevity Clinical Center’s advisory team consists of experts in internal medicine, endocrinology, psychogeriatric, gynecology for menopause and brain scientists.

Another challenge for Strauss was to find the right testing. Deciding what are measurable outcomes, and what kind of intervention the center would offer. “In private clinics you can offer supplements where you just don’t know if they work or not. Working with physicians is not easy, they have a tendency to be very narrow minded especially in a hospital and so we don’t want to offer things that are not credible. Deciding what biomarkers we are going to use took time.”

What are the aspects you are looking at?

“Cognitive, sleep, frailty and menopause. We found these four aspects are really connected to longevity. And, if you treat all of them you can really influence the way you age.”

How do you decide who gets accepted to the program?

Strauss smiles. “Anyone over the age of 40 can just register. The cost will be around $500 per year.” When asked why the sum is relatively low, Strauss replied: “Sheba is investing in the center and hopefully we can receive money from grants, research and tech companies that can use it as a beta site. I don’t want to take money from patients. When you are in public health you want diversification in patients, it needs to be applicable for the whole population.”

What is the process?

“An individual will come in for 4.5 hours and it is a one-stop shop. Then they will go home with a sleeping monitor, answer the questionnaire and come back after three weeks to a month. Once we have all the data there will be a multidisciplinary discussion. Finally, they will receive a recommendation and there will be follow ups.”

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Sheba's New Center for Healthy Longevity.

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