Hcm & chf in cats - rapamycin

I have a male Sphynx cat that is 10yrs old and got diagnosed last year with HCM.

He was asymptomatic and being monitored with 6monthly scans.

This Jan 6th he went in to heart failure.
With the help of Torsemide and Clopidogrel he became stable. Then Feb 17th he went in to heart failure again and is being made stable with higher dose of tablets.

My question is, is it too late to start Rapamycin? Has anyone tried it after their pet has gone in to heart failure? If so, what were the outcomes?

I am based in the UK. I appreciate any help or advice as I am so worried.

Thank you.


I am not aware of any situations quite like this. You may try Rapamycin, and I believe it would be helpful or at least neutral for your cat. However, there is always an outlying chance that your cat may not respond well to Rapa given it’s current condition.

I’d think of it as a ‘Hail Mary’ play with better odds than that.