Has anyone used GNH India?

I was wondering if anyone here had bought off GNH India ?

I’m trying to source some salsalate tablets, but I don’t have a prescription and was wondering if they (GNH) require one, on their website it says they do, but didn’t know if that was just to cover themselves from a legal pov.

@cronoslogical, I see from a previous post that you tried to buy from GNH, did they actually ask for a prescription ?

GNH has everything I want; unfortunately, they require a prescription. I looked at every other Indian pharmacy listed here, and the only one that comes close in terms of extensive selection is Oddway, which is where I am in the process of ordering from.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll try Jagdish, failing that I’ll have to ask IndiaMart if anyone stocks salsalate.