Has anyone tried Visia skin analysis or Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner and reversed some of their metrics?

I tried it. It showed some wrinkles below my eyes where the skin is thinner (even though my skin appears perfect from the outside), which might be related to not enough collagen…

Essentially 0 UV damage/age spots/most other types of damage.

I also have porphyrins, but it’s unclear if this is aging-related so this is not too concerning…


Your Skin Carotenoid Score Revealed Now

Dear Alex,

Your Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner results are in! Your personalized scan, measured by X on 12/15/2023, returned a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) of 69000.

Your Skin Carotenoid Score is an immediate measurement of your own skin carotenoid content and an important indicator of your body’s antioxidant defense system. The higher your score – the more carotenoids are present in your skin.

This was 99th percentile


I have uaed visia scan and improved some metrucs, but i am currently missing some data from hube 2023 that i need to do a proper analysis.

This is bryan johnson’s “results”


Spots: Age 10
Wrinkles: Age 10
Texture: Age 14
Pores: Age 50
UV Spots: Age 62
Brown spots: Age 11
Red areas: Age 70 
Autofluorescence: age 32
Multispectral imaging face age: 41

Obviously looking at his skin, he doesn’t look that young [this is really hard for him to rejuvenate], and I suspect it’s structural (elastin/collagen) stuf more so than UV spots or age spots… This at least gives hopes that wrinkles are reversible


I don’t know how to link the count of each aspect (and I don’t have autofluorescence or Multispectral) to an age.

Alex, where did you get this done?
I’ve called some places in the SF Bay Area that mention Visia analysis on their website, but then I call and they’ve phased it out and no longer offer it.

I would think it is relatively old tech. It is, however, a system where you can objectively compare facial skin over a period of time. I have done the measurements about 6 times and I intend analysing the change in a spreadsheet as soon as I get all my June 2023 results.

I went on holiday over the summer and because I was concerned that I may not be able to maintain my protocol at its highest level whilst on holiday I reduced it some weeks before going on holiday. Whilst on holiday I was in the sun as well.

What appears to have happened is that the skin quality deterioated a bit on holiday and has since been recovering, but I need to do the analysis.

Here is an example comparison.


I haven’t tried the Visia scanner but I tried the Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner in 2004 and got scores of 41000 and 38000. AFAIK it’s mostly serves as an indirect indictor of carotenoid intake and deposition in skin.

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