Has anyone tried tFUS (ultrasound) to reduce plaques or for cognitive enhancement or biologics delivery?

Butterfly IQ has cheap machines, tho probably not useful for this
also prophetic.ai


a potential breakthrough being tested on humans, not mice.

Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s Treatment: Breakthroughs with Focused Ultrasound (2024)

Suzanne LeBlang, MD, a leading neuroradiologist and Director of Clinical Relationships at the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, delivers an an in-depth overview of how focused ultrasound technology is opening new doors for Alzheimer’s treatment.

Discover how this innovative approach is used to safely open the blood-brain barrier, allowing for effective drug delivery and potential reduction in amyloid plaques. With insights into the results from various global studies and the promising future of focused ultrasound in neurodegenerative disease treatment, this presentation is a must-watch for healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, and anyone interested in the latest in Alzheimer’s care.